👋 Hey, I'm Ben

I'm attempting to launch 10 Startups in 24 hours starting Monday 25th September at 2pm London/6am San Francisco. Each one ~2hrs to build, spreading then 10 projects over ~5 days.

Each mini-startup has to either make money or have the potential (and functionality) to do so.

🙏 Please read the post on Medium for details: 10 Startups in 24 Hours

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Challenging myself to launch 10 startups in 24 hours

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🤷‍♀️ anything really

What I've built during the challenge so far:

AI Artwork

Marketplace for Artwork created by AI.
Build Time ~40 minutes

AR Space

Professional Augmented Reality services for personal and commercial use
Build Time ~2hr10 minutes

Make Ship

Directory of proven makers to hire
Build Time ~40 minutes

Accelerator Review

Firsthand reviews of startup accelerators + application feeback
Build Time ~50 minutes

Madness Money

Send BTC, ETH & LTC to make your way up the leaderboard
Build Time ~1hr15 minutes


Framework and calculator to value cryptoassets
Build Time ~3hrs30 🤦‍♀️ (will explain in lessons learned)

StartupLegal Guide

The Startup Legal Setup Guide (US focused)
Build Time ~1hr30 minutes


The virtual accelerator to help you launch
Build Time ~2hr15 minutes

Global Office Hours

Connect with people all over the World willing to seek/offer advice
Build Time ~35 minutes


Help Blockchain companies grow by performing tasks
Build Time ~1hr45 minutes

I founded a (currently unreleased) company;
Day Dot — Your MVP team on-demand from idea to launch
I’m using Day Dot to launch these 10 startups but I’m doing this solo.